Even though the Christianity of these days possesses such a great book as Bible the values like "Morality" and "Unity" are not in the expected levels as compared to the other communities due to so many of us follow the fabricated beliefs according as to their whims and fancies as suggested by their pastors setting aside the Bible. whereas the Apostle of Jesus had possessed the right belief as propounded by the Bible. The wrong belief invokes the immorality in the personality. Those who wish to come out from this miserable condition the Apostle suggest the following method.

"That which we have seen and heard declare we unto you, that you also may have fellowship with us and truly our fellowship is with Father and with His son Jesus Christ" -1 John 1:3

According to the above verse whenever our belief be equal with the belief of Apostle what they have "seen" and "heard" then only we will get the "fellowship" with "God" and "Jesus" which is only way to get the eternal life. Therefore we are presenting this compilation of "ANSWER OF BIBLE" website so as to reform ourselves and for the every question arises in the way of re correcting of our beliefs. Our pure aim in bringing out this website is that to eradicate the the misconceptions that prevail in the Christianity towards the God and Jesus by making the people of Christianity lead in the true belief shown by Jesus and to make the Christianity unite which has been divided in to so many denominations due to followed by the invented beliefs by the so-called preachers. The creator God may lead us in the belief as suggested by Jesus. - Amen.

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“Yahweh” in Hebrew is... “Allah” in Aramaic & Arabic!

The Hebrew term Jehovah which appears in Old Testament has been translated as Allah in Aramaic and Arabic New Testaments. To know this fact let us observe the below prophecy mentioned by Jesus that written in Aramaic New Testament in which Jesus mentions the name of God as Allah in the following.

For it is written, worship the Lord ALLAH, and Him only you shall serve. – Matthew 4:10

What important to note is that Jesus mentions the name of God in Aramaic as Allah. As a matter of fact, the above prophecy had been written in Old Testament Deuteronomy 6:13 in Hebrew in which we can see the name of God written to be Jehovah. But when Jesus mentions the same prophecy in Aramaic New Testament he changed the name as Allah. But what more important to note is that when the New Testament was translated in Hebrew this same prophecy has been translated as follows.

Whether the Creator God has “a Particular identity name?” Or “so many attributive names?”

Every human being is named so as to be indentified among the society due to the every man is being born with the same physical shape. In spite of having the slight differences in the colour, height and weight every man is almost identical with another. Therefore to be identified one in so many everybody is being given any identity names such as John, Jorge, David, Michel etc., whatever they wish to be called.

But is there the multitude of Gods just as the so many human beings are there on this globe consisting with the same physical shape? Answer is obviously no. The creator God Himself proclaims the same in the flowing corroborative verses of Quran and Bible.

There is nothing whatever like unto Him. – Quran 42:11

For I am God, and there is none like me. – Isaiah 46:9

According to the above verses it is well understood that there is none besides the Creator God. If this be the fact then what would be the need to Him to have any specific name just as the man? Because Creator God is not one among the so many Gods. If there are so many Gods besides the Creator God then it is inevitable to have any particular name to the Creator God to be identified one among so many Gods.
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